19:00 (МSК)
AmCham Quiz
December 11, Friday
The Zoom button will become active 20 minutes before the game starts!
Video instructions
Four simple steps to participate in AmCham Quiz
1. Assemble a team of 2 to 4 people and appoint a team captain. One team from each AmCham member company.

2. Each captain register his team on the website by clicking the green button "Register and enter answers" under the broadcast screen:
• kindly enter a username and password to create an account on the quiz web-site
• click "Register" and enter your team name

3. No later than 20 minutes before AmCham Quiz starts, each player presses the Zoom button and enters the Zoom conference.
ATTENTION! Immediately after logging in, kindly right-click on the square of your account, select "rename" and enter your team name before the name of your account in Zoom.

4. December, 11 at 19:00 (Moscow time), all quiz participants start watching the broadcast, and the captain enters the answers on the site of the game tournament by clicking the green "Register and enter answers" button under the broadcast screen and then clicking the "Play"button.
What you need to participate in quiz
Captain's device
To enter responses: computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It is more convenient for someone to watch a youtube broadcast and enter answers on the same device in two windows open next to each other, someone looks at a laptop, and enters answers on the smartphone. Choose the option that suits you well.
Good Internet connection
Players have enough time to watch youtube and simultaneously discuss issues in a video chat in Zoom. Usually home Internet or even mobile Internet is enough.
Video or voice chat system
Zoom is our trusted companion!
Good mood
We are sure that you will have it!
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